How Long Does It Take You To Laugh?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed a good belly chuckle? You know the kind of laugh I’m talking about: a good knee slapping, side splitting, Sprite snorted up your nose kind of laugh? Today is that day. I firmly believe when you are having a uber-crappy day (an ‘uber’ crappy day is a run of the mill crappy day multiplied by the power of 10, by the way) the best response is to find something that makes you truly, deeply laugh.

As soon as I find something, I will post it here.

Still looking. Bare with me a sec…

Tell you what, once I find something I will post it as an UPDATE so you can see the time stamp on how long it took to make me really laugh. I’m Time Stamping this 5:00 PM CST on 2/3/2012 btw. I know because the Westminster Chime on the clock is going off as I type.

Somehow I find this exercise mildly amusing in and of itself.

Wish me luck

UPDATE #1  Ok, I cheated. I looked. I really did but the only chuckle I could get was when I stumbled on an article where a shopper at the Dollar Palace told the reporter she liked to shop there because she didn’t have to dress up like she does when she goes out to Wal-Mart.

But that wasn’t a real HA HA funny. Believe me, I will break this funk and find something really funny to post. I’ll just have to do that tomorrow. Since I can’t beat this funk with humor, I might as well beat it with Poker. So, I’m off to a game.  Never fear, I’ll find something else funny and have an UPDATE 2 tomorrow. UPDATE #1 was posted at  5:28 PM, in case you are keeping track.

Between now and then, I will leave you with this. I had to swipe it from Steven Colbert, but it’s worth a view:  Supreme Courting Season, The Colbert Report.


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