Lars Alius Boncasius Fenwick Cavus II. (His friends call him La’bifcii for short)

Well, my NaNoWriMo is off to a rip roaring start. I wrote 457 words this morning. Yeah, someone dial 9-1-1…I’m burning it up!

My alarm went off at 5:00 and I slept in until 5:45. I stumbled downstairs and made some coffee and collected some of my notes. As soon as the coffee was finished I sat down with my outline and began to work.

At exactly 7:01, my daughter stumbled into the living room and turned on PBS Kids.

I can’t concentrate with shows about talking dogs who like Alphabet Soup on in the background.

But 457 words is better than 0 and the day is not done. As soon as they go to school, I’ll try some more. There is always my lunch break and then when I get home tonight. In any event, there is no way I’d be able to hit the recommended quantity most single college kids are shooting for this month, which is why I didn’t officially sign up for NaNoWriMo, but chose instead to honor the spirit of it with my own writing challenge for November.

I have a goal for the next 30 days that I finally settled on. I waffled back and forth for the past week with exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Did I want to finish the final draft of my novel? Did I want to write a YA Fantasy for Middle School readers? Did I want to write something totally new and focus on an alien erotica romance?

Instead, of all of those great ideas, I have decided to focus on a project that I hope all of you will end up enjoying and it will give me a small sense of accomplishment.

I have two anthologies of short stories I’ve been “working” on for quite awhile now. Well, to be honest with you, I’ve not touched them in years, but I do have 4 short stores I’m proud of and “anthology” sounds better. My goal for the next 30 days is to write 16 more.

I then plan to edit them over the month of December and polish them up until they are all nice and spiffy.

That means by January 1, 2012 I will self-publish all 20 stories in e-book formats such as Nook and Kindle! (Well, I may edit that number down in December, but you get the idea)

So, I guess this is like my pseudo press release announcing the publication date for a new title.  Wow…sounds kinda cool. I should have worn a suit and tie. It’s 7:40 and I’ve not even brushed my teeth yet. This was not quite what I envisioned my first press release would be like, but welcome to the digital age!

Many of my posts this month will be little teasers of the stories I’m working on. I spoke to my agent and we both agreed that the best way to market this project would be to wet your appetite with small snippets and random one-liners periodically sprinkled over my blog and twitter for the next 61 days. I took our idea down to the advertising division of my publisher and they will get to work on it. I just told those slackers down there that I had to have this ready to go January 1.

They better not miss this hard deadline or heads will roll!

Here is my first teaser. This story is about an aristocratic wizard who flunks out of anacademy and needs to perform some magic tricks in the tavern in order to eat.

Lars Alius Boncasius Fenwick Cavus II stood on the small stage with an elaborately decorated walking stick held over his head trying to remember the words to a spell he had learned at the academy a few months before. His friends called him “Labficii”. Some of his old professors used to call him “Shaky Hands Labficii.” The last thing Lars learned was that acolytes who have a name like “Shaky Hands” never last very long at a wizard’s academy.”

I hope you are hooked because watch for it on an e-reader near you very soon!


3 thoughts on “Lars Alius Boncasius Fenwick Cavus II. (His friends call him La’bifcii for short)

  1. Sounds interesting. Good luck with your goal!

    I started my NaNo insanity at about 1:30am during my lunch break at work. I’ve managed just over 900 words so far. Progress!

  2. I’m here because you followed me on twitter. It’s always good to find out you’re following a live person, especially since I saw your last post. So, you got an agent? I’m still procrastinating queries. And hope you don’t ever go the erotica route, very bad if you write for kids. A lot of authors are multi-genre but those two sure don’t mix. And since I write SF/fantasy for kids, then I wouldn’t follow you. I didn’t even attempt NaNo. Not enough time. I admire people who try.

    • Hey Sher, I am so glad you stopped by! As to the Alien Erotica Project…and my “agent” (Not to mention the slackers down in Publishing) all I can humbly ask is that you read some of my older posts when you get some time. I’m sure you’ll soon learn that not only are the youth of America quite safe from me, but my agent is a bum and I would not even recomend him to a monkee with a typwriter.

      But seriously, I am glad you came by and hope to hear from you again soon.

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