“I’ll make you eat those words one day, you fat sow!”

I am proud of myself this morning. It is just after 7:00 AM. My daughters are up watching Martha Speaks. My son is still sleeping. My wife is beginning to buzz around to get things ready for school…and I’ve been up for 2 hours writing. My coffee is lukewarm and I’m 850 words further along in my story that I was at 4:45 AM.

This is the discipline I’ve needed. I even had a moment at 5:15 when the coffee was brewing I hopped on line to check my blog. No one else had “liked” my previous post from the weekend, so I figured it was time to post something new and move on from the whole “King Herod and the Godfather” story line. I was even tempted to get into writing a new blog.

“I’ll just do it real quick while the coffee if brewing,” I told myself.

The temptation was there. I even had a blank document up and my fingers hovering over the home row keys ready to fly.

But I knew what would happen. I would get into writing some blog and it would eat up all of my precious time. No offense to my 33 subscribers, I do love you all, but this time was reserved for my book, not you. So, I just did some mindless analysis of my daily statistics until about 5:20 and went down to get that cup of coffee.

An hour and a half later, I was satisfied with myself and double checking the pages to make sure enough tension was woven in to keep the story moving. I love this line: “I’ll make you eat those words one day, you fat sow!” Amlyn said with bile…

I wrote that about 6:35 AM. There was just something cool about the imagery of “eating your words” and a pig as an insult to a woman.  Yikes!  Good thing for Amlyn he hops out of the carriage and runs off.

But I must give credit where credit is due. Not for the line. I wrote that on my own. I mean for this sudden desire to get up earlier and write with more discipline. Dennis Mahoney’s blog was the most recent inspiration for me. He wrote a great piece on Saturday about his daily schedule. From time to time I do this: commit myself to an early morning writing schedule to write as much as possible before the house wakes up and my ‘zone’ is shattered by PBS Kids Television, early morning bickering and my son who can’t understand why he can’t have a popsicle for breakfast.

According to him, it would help him wake up.

Alas, I need to go help them get ready. Hopefully you guys can help keep me accountable to make sure I’m writing when I’ve blocked out time to do so.


14 thoughts on ““I’ll make you eat those words one day, you fat sow!”

  1. While I write better in the morning, I have yet to be successful at pulling my carcass out of bed extra early to do so. Of course, when insomnia hits I often come out and write, but that’s not the same. Kudos to you for starting a schedule and sticking to it.

    • Lisa, I can relate to the whole insomnia thing, believe you me! I suffer from it quite a bit. (It didn’t help my condition when Netflix added every episode of the X Files and Star Trek Deep Space Nine to the instant que. Insomniacs of the world UNITE!) I even told myself to turn my lemons into lemonaid and use that period of insomnia to write until 3:00 AM, but to no avail. I find I just sit there dumbly staring at a white document, as bare as a baby’s…well, you get the idea.

      Welcome to my world, and keep in touch!

  2. My daughter always wants popsicles (cookies, cake, etc.) for breakfast, and we endure the whole ‘tantrum’ thing for a good, eh, five minutes or so when we tell her “NO”
    … but I guess that’s part of being two-and-a-half!

    • LOL @ writtenillustrations: Ah yes…those temper tantrums! The funny thing is my son throws them all the time when we say things like ‘No’ or ‘Not yet’ or even the dreaded ‘Clean Your Room.’ My youngest daughter (who is pictured with me on my profile picture, btw) is now 3…and doesn’t throw as many temper fits as my son…who is 7.

      If anyone understands children, please write a book. I will gladly buy a copy!

      Thanks for reading and keep in touch!

  3. I usually have to get up at 4am for a 6am start (nearly an hour commute!) so I tend to have my writing time as twenty minutes here and there during the evening, turning the stories I tell myself on my drive into words on the page.

    • Hey Andrew: Yikes…I hate hour long commutes! I had to do that once…and the job didn’t last long. I’m sure that does cut into your creative time for your writing endevors. I can only hope that with patience, skill and some luck you might be able break out one day and devote more time to writing…

      Wouldn’t that be the life? *smile*

      Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch!

  4. Aaron, sticking to a daily schedule is a great dicipline (which I want to get into) so I want to commend your drive and determination -WIP writing time and blogging time is different -you keep your priorities straight and I’m certain all your subscribers will be understanding (I certainly am).

    And for that fab 850 words here’s a huge *cheers* 😀

  5. The morning is my prime writing time, mainly because I work a graveyard shift and am already up at 6am. Of course, this only works out if my son decides he’s going to sleep in until 7 or 8. Otherwise, he’s trying to get the fridge and I’m trying to write over the sound of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.

  6. Aaron, nice to see you back on the blogosphere! And bravo for resisting the temptation to ignore the blank page. So hard sometimes. How’s the WIP been going these few months?

    • Hey Charlotte- Believe it or not, after my 4 month sojourn, I did peek into your blog first. (or one of the first, anyway) and noticed everything was moved to another website. A fancy new one, too! But I was a little confused where your daily blog went.

      Anyway, forgive me…but what is WIP?

  7. ISHKT!!!! (That acronym stands for “I Should Have Known That, BTW) I’ll check out your site again after I get home from work this afternoon. As to my work, I’m very pleased with where it is going. I have my own “Nanowrmo” project this coming month, though I’m not really signed up for that 50,000,000,000 word commitment. Mine is to simply wake up early every day this month (Except Sunday) and work 2 hours on my book. I have some blogs planned where I will keep a tally of my progress too. My goal is to be DONE by November 30!

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