Not Quite As Cool As A Leg-Lamp Award, But Still Cool

Ah yes, the sweet smell of recognition and the chance to stomp around the living room chanting, “I won, I won, I won!” and  “It’s a major award!”  While preparing for this blog, I actually found a tee shirt that siad, “It’s a Major Award” that I could have bought on ebay.  How cool is that?

There are a lot of major awards out there people can win, everything from an Academy Oscar to the George Washington Carver Elementary School 5th Grade Spelling Bee Champ. The fact is, we all love to win awards. Take for instance Hockey. Some train for their entire life, suffer countless fights and missing teeth just for the chance of hoisting a really big Beer Steine.


There are awards out there for women too. I know for a fact there were a number of ladies in the college I attended who spent thousands of their daddy’s money for one goal: go to class in order to land a really rich husband. There are plenty of men of lesser character who care not for such brutish forms of recognition as sports trophies. They like the admiration they receive at Gala after Gala as their prize walks into the room, arm linked in arm next to him.

*Women who aspire to this honor, beware: If you gain 15 pounds after marriage, or are unable to lose said weight 3 months after giving birth, your title will be stripped away  and given to a younger, thinner model*

I never won the Stanley Cup. Nor did I marry my wife because I like how she looked on my arm. (Though she does look pretty dang good in an evening gown with a low cut neck line) I married her because she was the only woman I had ever met who could rewrite a Shakespearean soliloquy AND knew more about the JulioClaudian line of Emperors of the Roman Empire than I did.

But, my life has not been without recognition. I once won a small plastic cup in Boy Scouts when I completed 13 Merit badges and won a Pine Wood Derby contest. 


I called my little car “The Bullet” and painted it all black so it would look like…well…a bullet.

So, when CMSmith nominated me for the prestigious “Versatile Blogger Award, I was quite honored!  Check it out:

It comes with some obligations, though.  She gave me a list. 1. Thank the person who gave you the award, 2. List 7 random facts about yourself and 3. Nominate 15 new bloggers you will pass the award on to.

First, I need to thank the one who gave me this award.

Thank you CMSmith,” 

Hit the Staples Easy Button for that one!

Next, I’m supposed to list seven random factoids about myself. I bet most of you never knew that:

  1. I like to eat Frosted Shredded Wheat as a midnight snack. I never eat cold cereal for breakfast.
  2. I love George. R. R. Martin and am planning a “Game of Thrones” party with some friends as the new series comes out on HBO in a few weeks.
  3. I once made a clubhouse with some neighborhood kids. They sent me on the roof to nail in the final planks and it collapsed on me. I think they did it on purpose.
  4. When I was a kid I tried to master the use of the Force, but could not make anything move on its own.  I love this commercial:
  5. I wish I could play the Ukulele. Chicks dig the Ukulele
  6. I have a dog I named Cicero because he is an annoying little puppy who never shuts up. Next, I want to get a big mean pit bull and name him Marc Antony. Maybe that will shut his yap.
  7. My sister once asked me what my favorite color M&M was and I told her ‘Eggplant.’ She was confused by this and to this day is still very concerned about me.

Now, lets see.  Ah yes…my favorite part. I get to nominate 15 new bloggers and award them the same honor. I suppose this is a “Pay It Forward” kind of thing.  But, I do have a technical question. Does the 7 people on my blog roll count, or do I have to find 15 new people?  I’m going to go out on a limb and assume I need to find 15 new bloggers. Obviously I highly recommend the 7 on my blog roll or I would not have put them there.

So, without further ado, I present you the 15 new bloggers I was so impressed with that I decided to bestow upon them this great award. (Well, honestly, there were only 13 bloggers I was really impressed with. Two of them I just tossed on at the end because I needed to fulfill my obligation)

The title alone is worthy of an honorable mention. “Like An Armpit In June.” Come on…admit it…you snickered:

This is one of my favorite blogs..Now, where is my Rosetta Stone for German? At least, I think it’s German…I’m not really sure what language this is to be honest with you:

Anyone who can post a picture of David peeing on sight seers deserves recognition:

I bet I could get along with this writer. He ponders some of the deeper questions of life:

I picked this post because I just started twittering. Actually, I started a few weeks ago and haven’t posted much since. The point is, I want to get better at it and she had a great post about some Bronx Cobra. At least I think she is a ‘she’ I have this quirk where I picture every unknown blogger as a ‘she’ Let me check her profile…yep, she is a woman.  That could have been awkward:

Oooo, this one I highly recommend because it reminded me of something that is missing in my life. I’ve never finished Casablanca. Fear not, it is on my bucket list:

I had to nominate this fellow blogger because he talked about a sore subject rapidly approaching my life: Mid-Life. That moment when you realize more years are behind you than in front of you.  Yikes…

Remember my blog the other day where I said that if you just use the word “Bosoms” in casual conversation, I’ll instantly feel better?  Yeah, this blog had a similar effect:

I nominated this blog because there is something really cool about a fairy who is crying.  I have a 4 year old clone of Strawberry Shortcake for a daughter who LOVES Fairies. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I’m currently working on a short story where all the Fairies of the world are ruthlessly exterminated and the human race forgets how to dream, thus we all become insomniacs until a young girl finds a way to laugh again…and the laugh breaks into a thousand pieces and they all go skipping about…you get the idea.  Hey, it’s still a work in progress:

I LOVED this blog as soon as I read the title. My son who is 6 is always asking me, “Daddy, who would win, Darth Vader or a T-Rex?” or perhaps “Daddy, who would win, Scooby Doo or Godzilla?”  He likes to come up with wacky combinations like that:

This is a good post, but it’s really the link he posted I was more interested in. Kudos for finding a topic I’m fascinated with, anyway. I have a book idea about what is under the Temple Mount as well:

This is perfect!  If I can’t play the Ukulele, I’ll have to settle for a good Accordion:

I love Baseball!  I have this dream that one day I’ll become a real fan and actually know something about the game.  I found this blog and thought it would be perfect for Opening Day that is coming up. Plus, I learned some things I didn’t know:

What is better than a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as seen in my previous blog?  Duhhh, what gives every Nerd hours of pointless recital?  Monty Python, of course.  The funniest part of this post was that evidently, Monty Python is different from the other things she blogs about…namely Knitting, Reading and Photography.  Now THAT is funny.  Yesterday, “Working the Heel Of A Sock with a Large Diameter Circular Knit”  Today, Monty Python.  Oh yes, she gets a major award:

There is this little theatre in the West End in London that has this side door where actors use to enter and exit the stage. As an actor, I darted across the street just to pretend that I had a key. Above the door there was this inscription that I don’t really remember, but the gist was something about all the creative people who have entered and left the Theatre through this door. Ever since then, I’ve dreamed about being one of those souls. Alas, I live in no where Texas and can’t make too many auditions in London.  Still, I dream. And while I dream, I stumbled across this blog of a talented young woman who is living my dream, damnit:

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the unvailing of my major award!  Otherwise known as “The Versatile Blogger Award”  Remember, Pay It Forward! 

UPDATE #1  Just for the record, I made a reference above about only being impressed with 13 blogs, but two of them I just tossed on at the end to fulfill an obligation. The comic in me still finds this funny. However, the writer in me sees that I worded this very poorly, because I didn’t mean to literally signal out the LAST TWO BLOGGERS.  (Nothing could be further from the truth, actually) I intended to imply that as I was preparing the blog, I just tossed two in there, not necessarily in order. The human being in me feels terrible if my atempt at humor hurt the feelings of anyone.

With that being said, I do owe the last two bloggers a HUGE apology.  I did not mean to signal out their blogs in any way. They are talented writers and I was impressed with both of them! 

For the humor effect, I will leave the comment in its place, but I want everyone to know that I was really only teasing. I didn’t mean to do this, but I’ll tell you, the only one I just “tossed” in was the blog in German. That was when I had the idea for the line about fulfilling obligations. So, I wrote the blog, wrote that line FIRST, then added the first few blogs up to the German one, then went back for another hour looking for the rest of the 15.  The truth is, I was impressed with all of them, except for the one I obviously can’t read.

21 thoughts on “Not Quite As Cool As A Leg-Lamp Award, But Still Cool

    • Are you kidding, GOJULESGO, I laughed so hard at that picture I knew INSTANTLY you were going to be a finalist! (shhhh, I’ll never tell who the two were)

      Thank you for reading. Keep in touch.

  1. Wow, what a lovely mention, and from such a talented writer i have to say i feel extremely humbled by it! I wish I had the ability to write as well and describe in much more interesting detail the craziness that is my life! …. Versatile blogger… am i really up to the challenge?? What are the requirements? A gig withough an audition… I love that

    • Hey TIAHERE, I am so sorry! I was actually worried about this last night after I published the blog, but my line: “Two of them I just tossed on at the end because I needed to fulfill my obligation” was in no way a reference to your blog. I worded that very poorly, and really it was more intended for a joke than to identify the last two blogs. I owe you a huge apology because the truth is, I actually really, REALLY liked your blog. It was late last night when I thought about how I worded this that I realized it could sound as if I was talking about your blog specifically. And this morning, I still didn’t catch it even after I replied to you. It wasn’t until I was about to repost on my blog that I read that line and I feel horrible.
      Any actor has my respect and one that blogs with the openness and style that you do has my admiration.

      I do hope you will forgive my poorly worded attempt at humor.

      In either case, Congratulations and pursuing your dream. I would love to keep in touch with you simply because the theatre is something that I’m passionately in love with! And London…even better.

      You are talented. Obviously you have talent as an actress and I can tell you have talent as a writer as well.

      • No offence taken at all!!! When i said “scrap that” I meant to my question as to what is asked of me. You described in your blog the requirments of the versatile blogger i just hadn’t read it. Oh dear, I’m really not good at this communicating lark, good job i’m usually given a script!!

  2. Tiahere, I’m so relieved! I’ve been worried the past 45 min. that you were half way around the world crying your eyes out because some mean spirited American said nasty things about you on his blog! LOL…i even updated my post over it.

    But, I’m glad you were not hurt and I plan to look you up on FB and Twitter this evening when I get some time.

    In the meantime, be safe and keep in touch!

  3. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the nomination. Love your blog too. So who is the winner? Or do we all nominate our fav 15 new bloggers? Either way splendid way to encourage. Keep in touch and let us know of your Twitter travails.

    • Hey KRITHIKAC, You are all ‘winners’ in my book! If I gave you the award, it is up to you to accecpt it, and then go on to post 15 nominations of your own.

      It took a little work, but I think in the end, it was well worth it.

      Thank you for your inspiration on Twitter.

    • HEY CMSmith, that is a great idea! LOL…it will make up for any hurt feelings I caused with my joke that might have been taken wrong.

      Again, thank you for a great idea!

  4. Awesome. I think I’ll have to look at you with a new sense of, well, looking. While some of the actual facts worried me, the bits in between put my mind ease. You know, “and”, “the”, “is”, and so on.
    Do we have time for me to say this is the first time I’ve been on the internet?

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  6. Sorry for the satellite delay. Thanks so much for the props, really appreciate it (you are mentioned in my reply post, “I think I just crapped my shorts”).

    Now reporting back, Captain, to say that I have fulfilled my obligations and the awards are on the move. I repeat, the awards are on the move.

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