A Bodacious Post of Gobbledygook. Get Ready To Be Gobsmacked On Your Tookus!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she told me to change one of the widgets on my profile. That’s when it hit me: I love that word.  It’s just so freckin’ funny!  (I love the word ‘freckin’ too, btw…‘freckin…rhymes with ‘lickin’ in case you didn’t know)  There are just some words that make me happy. I can be having an ‘Oh So Crappy Day’ but when these words pop up, especially in casual conversation, my day gets instantly better!

Since I’m always on the look out for things I can tuck away for those rainy days when I just need to smile, I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it make a freckin’ cool blog (there’s that word again)if I took the funniest words I could think of and have it on one convenient list?”


So, I made some notes. I went to Starbucks and eavesdropped on casual conversations, jotting down funny words as they came up until a manager kicked me out. I got my hair cut twice in one day just so I could sit and listen to woman prattle on about nothing. (I love the word  prattle, as well) I got some great words there!

I’ve already given you three: Widget, Freckin & Prattle. See, don’t you just feel happier? 

My stylist used the word “Jiggle” twice as she was leaning over me to cut my sideburns. That went to the top of the list, but it’s probably the male part of my brain adding innuendos to words where none was intended. Kinda like Bosoms. Just find a way to use bosoms in casual conversation and I promise I will feel better.

Speaking of sex, I learned something while preparing for this blog and it became one of my favorite words: Roger.  Yep, that’s right, Roger. Evidently it’s an English word for sex. (Or so this website said)  Anyway, this made me really laugh when I thought of my Cartoon Sexual Fantasy: Jessica Rabbit.  Now, everyone knows that the word Rabbit is stuffed with double meanings and innuendos. (so is stuffed, come to think of it) But, if Roger truly means sexual intercourse, than I’ll never be able to watch my favorite cartoon, Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the same way again. 

“Plplplplplplplease Eddie!”

Now, I write fantasy which is rooted in mythology and Medieval history. You can’t read much medieval literature before you will run across a peculiar word: Cuirass.  What’s so funny about that, I hear you asking?  Well, honestly I didn’t find it very funny myself until I heard it pronounced. You see, there are some words you can read a 100 times, and say it to yourself in a modest, morally upstanding way, like “Kur-ess.”  Yep, that is a word I would use with my mother in the room. Evidently I was wrong, though. It’s pronounced “Queer-ass” 

And that is just funny on so many levels, it starts to become disturbing.

Which brings me to words like Nosegay, Diphthong, and Scuttlebutt.  All very gay words, but oh so funny!

My mom used to use words like Persnickety and Flabbergasted a lot, which always made me snicker. I remember one time she was telling me how “Flabbergasted she was at my awful behavior” and it took all the self control my 13 year old mind could muster up not to laugh with visions of my mom’s uncontrollable flatulence.  Yep…flabbergasted is a doozy

I like Quid Pro Quo too, but I’ve already talked about sex.

Pirates and little old Jewish ladies from Brooklyn have great words!  Like Tookus. I’m glad my grandma wasn’t 4’8″ and wore spectacles on the end of her nose,  talking about beating my tookus. As for pirates, I suppose it is a good thing I don’t live in 1723 of the coast of North Carolina either. I’d be walking the plank for sure as soon as Captain Dread told me that he didn’t care for my skullduggery.

“Ay, Captain, lets blast those scallywags to Smithereens!”

Yeah, I’d be locked up in the brig for disrespect for laughing at the captain for sure.

So, just to recap, save this date, March 9, 2011. When you are feeling pissed off at life, go to my blog, dig up this article out of the archives and say the following words out loud:

Widget, Freckin, Prattle, Jiggle, Bosoms, Roger, Stuffed, Cuirass, Nosegay, Diphthong, Scuttlebutt, Persnickety, Flabbergasted, Snicker, Flatulence, Doozy, Quid Pro Que, Tookus, Skullduggery, Scallywags and Smithereens.”

See, don’t you feel better?

Now, it’s your turn. Help me add to my list!


I already have a few additions my readers have given.  Here are YOUR favorite words.  Keep them coming!  Flippin, Fiddlesticks, Gosh Dang It, Yonder, Gibberish, Heebie Jeebies, Paroxysm, Flaxen, Whirl, Evocative, Shimmy, Etherial, Twilight, Gloaming, “Little fog feet”, Wispy, Tawdry, Whoosh, Wiggins, Giggle-snort, Shiny, Thing-A-Ma-Bob, Squick, Humdinger, Doppelganger, Flibberdijibet, Gnosh, Gnome, Ineffable, Sassafrass and one who even likes Gobsmacked from my title.


I think I have confirmation that “Roger” is an old English word for sex as well as a few golden nuggets of vocabulary humor from my friends across the Big Pond: Yonks, Yanking, Buffing, Pootle, Chuffed, Toodle-pip, Toodle-oo, Tickety-tock, and Cheerio


And two more international additions from my new friend ALIGEORGE: Twangling and Spurtle


30 thoughts on “A Bodacious Post of Gobbledygook. Get Ready To Be Gobsmacked On Your Tookus!

    • I’m going to give you ‘the eye’ when my mom says, “Hey, did you all hear the latest ‘scuttlebutt’ at Trinity?”
      No Mom, do tell. (while Heather blows Dr. Pepper out of her nose because she is laughing so hard)

  1. Oh dear, I won’t be able to watch Roger Rabbit without thinking of that. My daughter does the same thing, but she makes up her own words/phrases. And sadly, they get contagious!

  2. Widget and scuttlebutt are indeed good ones. Oh and jiggling bosoms. Wait, that’s not what you wrote.
    I’d take “flippin” over “freckin”, though, and would add “fiddlesticks” and “gosh dang it”. Oh, and one you used in the post but didn’t include in the list: smithereens.

  3. Gibberish…love that word. I picture a hamster with his cheeks full of well, gibberish because hamsters never know what their talking about. I know, I need professional help, but words look like things to me.
    Here’s another good one: heebie jeebies….as in, Charlie Sheen gives me the…. (it sounds like shivers and not goood ones.)
    paroxysm – my favorite word. I use it as much as I can. Why? Because it sounds like what it is….Can’t you just see someone having a fit? It’s the combination x and y followed by the (ism) sound.
    Flaxen- doesn’t is sound like shiny, golden hair?
    Whirl…the air in your mouth whirls out when you say it.

    Oh, I could go on for days. I love words!
    Good Blog, Aaron. Always enjoyable.

  4. SARAH: Yonder is good. If you are going all ‘redneck’ on me, you can’t forget some great words like Nekkid and Far.
    Nekkid: (Adj) Not covered by clothing as in “There that boy was, nekkid as a jaybird!”
    Far: (Noun) the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame or heat as in “Damnit Bubba, if ya’ll don’t use the ashtray mamma gave us our farm will catch on far!”

  5. A few words I love- mostly because when you say them they are so evocative of what they mean- (evocative is one, I just like it)
    Shimmy- I always wish I could shimmy, but don’t believe it is in my powers to do so, but I still love how it sounds.
    Etherial – it just sounds light and almost breathless
    Twilight- I think the stupid movie has robbed this word of it’s beauty, but when I hear it still brings to mind the lavender, almost hazy looking sky at the end of a warm summer day, with a few stars starting to peep out.
    Gloaming- an old word that means twilight- it sounds so romantic
    I also like the phrase, “little fog feet”
    Ah, I could go on, and if i think of more, I probably will. 🙂

  6. I haven’t seen her in ‘yonks’
    I drank so much last night i can’t stop ‘yaking’
    and ‘buffing’ is a more modern term for rogering lol

    • Gigi, So, am I right to assume that Roger is in fact an English word for sex (abit, an older one) Still, it would make Who Framed Roger Rabit so much more funny if it was! As to your words, placing “Yanking” and “Buffing” side by side is just gut splitting funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you for your addition!

  7. Dang! I don’t know who Chris is but he hit all my favorites in one post. I can’t tell you how I lament that damn book (and movie) for ruining one of my all time favorite words: Twilight. It will forever be used in conjunction with pop culture. Why couldn’t she have just called it Teen Angst with Vampires? Hey, Chris…you got a blog??

  8. Thank you, but no, I don’t have a blog, and I don’t have male plumbing- 😉 I think Teen Angst with Vampires is a GREAT name for the book that ruined our favorite word!!
    Ok Aaron, thought of two more- these are my “make me smile” words that I like to use-
    What could be better!!! 🙂

  9. lol, before I put ‘snugging’ on the list, you have to tell me what it means. This is a family friendly blog, afterall. Wait…I posted about ‘boosoms’ and a dipthong, who am I kidding?

    • Seriously Aaron- your blog is turning quite tawdry- I am positively jiggling with indignation. . . heeheehee. Snogging is British informal- it means kissing, cuddling, hugging, caressing, you get the drift!

  10. I like ‘twangling’ – sounds rude but is in fact high culture as it’s from The Tempest. And ‘spurtle’, which is an old Scots word for a type of spoon used for stirring porridge.

    • Ohhhh, as a ‘Graham’ I will always have a soft spot for the Scotts! Thank you for your participation ALIGEORGE. Twangling and Spurtle are going on the list!

      Keep in touch!

  11. Some of my favorite words (not counting swears) are: whoosh, wiggins, giggle-snort (which I do a LOT), shiny, thing-a-ma-bob, squick, and humdinger. Although, I have to say, most of the ones listed give me quite the giggle as well.

    • Hey GIGI,

      Thank you for keeping the profanity down. My mother does check into my blog from time to time, so I have to keep at least as semblance of decorum! *smile*

      GREAT words! I once had a boss who used “Humdinger” all the time in meetings. Try sitting there with a suit and tie on, nodding respectfully as this older gentlemen keeps talking about a “Humdinger of a this or that…”

      I was so lucky I didn’t get fired!

      I’m glad my post could make you giggle once or twice today. That is usually my intention when I write. Keep in touch!

  12. You wrote about my secret joy. I LOVE words. It is my contention that a good word can make you smile just by the feel of it in your mouth. Some of my favorites are doppelganger, flibberdijibet, shuttlecock (for reasons quite similar to your jiggling bosom reference, I’m sad to say), gnosh, gnome, gnat (all for the same reason…I love me a silent G), ineffable, sassafrass and gobsmacked.

    How can you say any of those and not smile? Great post!!!

    • SANDYWHITE: I give you 2 points for being a new viewer to my blog (Welcome, BTW) 4 points for going back 3 whole weeks to comment on an old post of mine, 2 points for adding to my list of words. 2 points for having similar tastes in words as me.

      However, I must deduct 3 points for using “Gobsmacked.” Poor form. I used that one in my title, so you can’t claim originality on that one.

      Don’t worry, that still gives you a total of 10 points for the day! By far enough to earn you a “Gold Star Reader Award” Wear it proudly!

      • Oh I will! (though in my defense, I only actually read the title of the post after my comment had posted…either way, the deduction is fair.)

        Also…and I will put the rest of this in the super secret brackety (also like this word) things so nobody else can see it…
        {2+4+2+2=10, 10-3=7}

  13. How did I miss this? I suppose it sank without trace in the ocean of blog feeds I seem to be drowning in. Must cut back.

    Thanks for the link.

    Here’s one from England. It already has a great track record for amusing the crap out of my American friends.

    The word is ‘pootle’.

    It’s one of those words that sounds the way it means. The definition of ‘pootle’ is to sort of meander your way through something. I pootle through my chores when I’m not feeling energetic.

    Also, ‘chuffed’. Widely believed to mean angry or pissed off. It actually means the opposite. I’d be chuffed if I had a book published.

    P. G. Wodehouse uses some great words, like ‘toodle-pip’ as a farewell. In the same, incredibly English vein: toodle-oo, tickety-tock (Wodehouse again), cheerio (I know, it’s a cereal).

    And finally, a gem out of history: ‘clotpole’. A sixteenth century beauty, I believe? Definitely an insult, but what it exactly means is beyond me.

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