Move Over Stephen King…Here Comes Newman Q. Bomburger

Have you ever had one of those days where you read something that captures your imagination for the rest of the afternoon? The First Gates site had a post today that I’ve been mulling over ever since lunch.  Check it out:

Since I’m new to wordpress, I don’t have many writers that I’ve loved yet, but this one is worth your time, especially if you are like me: dreams that are currently a whole lot bigger than your published resume.

I had a fairly successful blog a few years ago that I enjoyed quite a bit and I try to put some thought into each post. I want to provide those of you who graciously visit my page with something worth the 2-3 minutes you will spend power reading through my post. But that takes a little time and effort on my part, and right now, time is a very precious commodity in my life.

So, I’ve set myself on a schedule. It’s a rough schedule right now, but I do plan to have a well thought out posting on here at least 3X a week, while the other days I concentrate on sharpening my book. (Yes, the same book I threatened to toss into the trash heap of bad ideas yesterday)

But I wanted to draw your attention to this post because it is an amazing concept and one that should inspire ANY writer, published or as yet undiscovered. (I’ve decided to start calling myself “undiscovered” rather than “unpublished.” I know…talk about going all “Pollyanna” on myself)

What are your thoughts of ebook authors? Think about it:  In January, the month when Amazon announced that ebook sales had overtaken all forms of print volumes, 12 of their 20 ebook best-sellers in the horror genre were by self-published authors, in a field that included Stephen King.

Now that statistic is a whole lot more exciting for emerging writers than the one I heard earlier this week that 90% of first time authors who publish traditionally will never write a second book.

Take a second and dream, or evaluate your own experience in the field. Does this concept inspire you the same way it inspires me?

Well, I’m off to help the kids with bath, homework, cleaning their rooms, reading bedtime stories and tucking them in at night before I settle in for a few solid hours on my novel…which may be coming to an ebook publication near you…someday.


17 thoughts on “Move Over Stephen King…Here Comes Newman Q. Bomburger

  1. This does seem like an exciting development. The rate at which the industry is changing can be intimidating, but it’s also exciting to think how many new options self-publishing authors can have.

  2. Thanks for the great post! I have a lot of thoughts on e-book authors. I self-published my first two novels in print form and have had minimal success. But since putting both my books on Amazon Kindle, I’ve sold 50 times the number of print books per month (last month, I sold 200 copies of my e-books!) It is definitely the future of publishing!

  3. I really like the idea of self publishing. The only thing that bothers me about it is the editing… It’s almost impossible to edit your own work, and who’s going to do it for you if you’re self publishing?

    Still, I agree with you – it’s inspiring! It’s definitely a better option that just writing for your desk drawer! 🙂

    • Gosh I do hate to jump in here and try and pitch my book (which hasn’t been released as yet so this will be my excuse). Anyway, I am in the final stages of completing a guide to self publishing, what steps to take to make sure your boook makes the same standards as those traditionally published, plus how to get the most out of social media to self market.

      If you need an editor, I know an absolutely fab one with excellent prices.

      • ELLIE: Do keep in touch! I should be good to go on the Editor part, but your guide to “Self Publishing” has my attention.

        BTW…no shame in self promoting. Now, if you had come onto my blog and said, “Oh, by the way, did I mention my book ‘The Ultimate Bacon Cooking Guide’ I might have looked at you funny.

        Do you Twitter? Facebook? Look me up on Facebook so we can keep in touch with things like posts, publications and what-not.


      • would look you up on facebook but do you know how many aaron graham’s there are??!!! ha!

        are you on twitter? im @ellieransley

  4. GREATSBY: I know the feeling of being a little intimidated by it all. I don’t think anyone knows where this industry will be in 5 years. Still, I think it’s becoming a Writer’s Market! Best of luck to you and keep in touch.

  5. ELLEN: I would love to connect with you and find out more about your experience with Amazon and publishing on Kindle! Seriously, shoot me an email because my wife and I were talking about this yesterday and I feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process and I would love to get the feedback from someone who has been down that road a few times and can point out some things to look out for!

    Or, if you choose to blog about it, I’ll link it up and promote the hell out of it on Facebook!

    Do keep in touch!

  6. DRAWREADWRITE: Welcome to my little piece of the blogasphere! I really enjoyed your post yesterday. Anyway, I’m lucky…my wife is an excellent editor. I wouldn’t be where I am without here.

    Sorry…she’s taken so you can’t have her! LOL

  7. My thoughts on e-books are slim. By that I mean, I’m not a fan. There’s something sexy about sitting down with a book, the musty scent, the rough texture, the crisp sound and the intimacy. You can’t get that with e-books. Or I should say I can’t. However, to those who publish e-books, I say go you! I’ll probably publish e-book’s. It’s the way the world is moving.

  8. ADSIMONS: Thank you for stopping by!

    I do understand the romantic sentiment of the feel of the book in your hands, but I think we are facing a rising tide…no, a tsunami that is coming. Editors and Agents can stand on the beach if they want and bemoan the way things were, but I don’t think it will change the fact that the change is coming and all of us will be sifting through the brave new world of publication in a few years to see where we fit in.

    Think of Blockbuster 5 years ago. The 6 figured executives were presented an opportunity to go digital. To rent movies online, or from little kiosks that could be stocked in local grocery, and convenient stores. They turned it down because they believed people will always want to physically hold their movie selection in their hands. What happened? Netflix and Redbox swept the country and Blockbuster may never recover.

    I’m not saying the major paper publishers won’t be around…I’m just saying that we might look up one day soon and realize that paper books are about as antiquated as the Sun Dial.

    Quaint. A little nostalgic, perhaps. Maybe a fixture in some people’s library, but not really an efficient form of communication.

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